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AppDelegate Class Reference

#import <AppDelegate.h>

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Public Member Functions

(void) - applicationWillFinishLaunching:
 Standard method called to signal application start.
(void) - applicationWillTerminate:
 Standard method called to signal application termination.
(BOOL) - applicationShouldOpenUntitledFile:
 Standard method to ask whether an untilted document should be opened.
(void) - openUntitledDocumentWithMeasurement:
(IBAction) - openCalibrationFolder:
 Method to be called when the user wants to view the calibration folder.
(IBAction) - openHardwareFolder:
 Method to be called when the user wants to view the hardware drivers folder.
(IBAction) - newMeasurement:
 Method to be called when the user wants to do a new measurement.
(IBAction) - saveLogFile:
 Method called when the user wants to save a detailed log file.
(NSArray *) - hardwareNames
 Names of all available hardware drivers.
(NSURL *) - hardwareFolder
 URL of folder containing hardware drivers.
(void) - windowWillClose:
 Called when the New Document window closes.

Protected Attributes

NSArray * objectsForNewDocument
 Internal: stores NIB-created objects for new measurement window so these are refcounted correctly.


UIWindow * window
 The application window.
IBOutlet NSWindow * newdocWindow
 Reference to current "New Measurement" dialog, if any.

Detailed Description

Application delegate.

Application delegate. Stores application-global items, and implements application-global actions.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) openUntitledDocumentWithMeasurement: (MeasurementDataStore *)  dataStore

Create and show a new document for a measurement.

dataStoreThe measurement data.

Reimplemented from <NewMeasurementDelegate>.

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