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AudioInput Class Reference

#import <AudioInput.h>

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Public Member Functions

(uint64_t) - now
(bool) - available
(NSArray *) - deviceNames
(BOOL) - switchToDeviceWithName:
(void) - startCapturing:
(void) - pauseCapturing:
(void) - stopCapturing
 Stop forwarding frames to RunManager but continue running.
(void) - stop
 Stop capturing altogether and release resources.
(AVCaptureDevice *) - _deviceWithName:
(void) - _switchToDevice:

Protected Attributes

AVCaptureAudioDataOutput * outputCapturer
AVCaptureSession * session
dispatch_queue_t sampleBufferQueue
uint64_t epoch
BOOL capturing


NSString * deviceID
 Unique string that identifies the input device.
NSString * deviceName
 Human-readable string that identifies the input device.
IBOutlet id
< RunInputManagerProtocol
IBOutlet NSLevelIndicator * bInputValue

Detailed Description

Class that implements InputCaptureProtocol (and ClockProtocol) for audio input, using AVCapture to capture an audio stream from a microphone or other audio input.

Member Function Documentation

- (NSArray *) deviceNames

List available input devices.

List of human-readable device names (as NSString)

Reimplemented from <InputCaptureProtocol>.

- (uint64_t) now

Get current time from this clock.

Timevalue in microseconds

Reimplemented from <ClockProtocol>.

- (void) pauseCapturing: (BOOL)  pause

Pause or resume capturer, and release resources.

pauseTrue for pausing, false for resuming

Reimplemented from <InputCaptureProtocol>.

- (void) startCapturing: (BOOL)  showPreview

Start capturing, each captured frame will be forwarded to the InputRunManager

showPreviewSet to true if the capturer should show its preview window (if applicable)

Reimplemented from <InputCaptureProtocol>.

- (BOOL) switchToDeviceWithName: (NSString *)  name

Switch to a different input device.

Nameof the device (as returned by deviceNames)
True if succesful

Reimplemented from <InputCaptureProtocol>.

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