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AudioOutputView Class Reference

#import <AudioOutputView.h>

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Public Member Functions

(void) - stop
 Called by manager when user stops the measurement run.
(void) - showNewData
 Called by manager when a new sample should be played.
(void) - audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying:successfully:
 AVAudioPlayer callback routine.
(BOOL) - switchToSample:

Static Public Member Functions

(NSString *) + defaultOutputDevice

Protected Attributes

 __pad0__: NSView <OutputViewProtocol


NSString * deviceID
 Ignored, this is an audio device.
NSString * deviceName
 Human-readable string that identifies the output device.
IBOutlet AudioRunManagermanager
 Set by NIB: our run manager.
IBOutlet AudioProcessprocessor
 Set by NIB: our audio processor.
IBOutlet NSPopUpButton * bSample
 UI element: popup to select audio sample to play.
IBOutlet NSSlider * bVolume
 UI element: slider to adjust output volume.
IBOutlet NSLevelIndicator * bOutputValue
 UI element: output VU meter.

Detailed Description

Subclass of NSView that allows the user to select the output device to use, gives some visual feedback on the audio level transmitted and allows the user to select the audio sample to use and the output device.

Property Documentation

- (NSString *) deviceID [read, assign]

Ignored, this is an audio device.

Unique string that identifies the output device

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