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Video conferencing delay measurements
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AudioRunManager Class Reference

#import <AudioRunManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

(AudioRunManager *) - init
(void) - stop
 Called when the user stops a measurement run, via stopMeasuring from RunTypeView.
(void) - triggerNewOutputValue
(CIImage *) - newOutputStart
(void) - newOutputStartAt:
(void) - newOutputDone

Static Public Member Functions

(void) + initialize
 Class initializer.

Protected Attributes

uint64_t outputStartTime
 When the last output was started.
BOOL outputActive
 True while we are outputting (and can't start again.
BOOL foundCurrentSample
 True if we have found a match.
BOOL triggerOutputWhenDone
 True if we can start a new output when the current one is done.


IBOutlet AudioOutputViewoutputView
 Assigned in NIB: visual feedback view of output for the user.
IBOutlet AudioSelectionViewselectionView
 Assigned in NIB: view that allows selection of input device.
IBOutlet id< ClockProtocolclock
 Assigned in NIB: clock source, usually same as capturer.
IBOutlet AudioProcessprocessor
 Assigned in NIB: audio sample comparator.
IBOutlet NSButton * bDetection
 Assigned in NIb: UI element that signals detection to the user.

Detailed Description

Subclass of BaseRunManager that handles audio delay measurements. Transmits a sample through the line-out (or speaker) and waits for that same sample to be received on the line-in (or microphone). Current implementation does not behave very well in case of echo supression or echo cancellation.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) newOutputDone

Signals that output pattern is now visible. This will record the output timestamp.

Reimplemented from <RunOutputManagerProtocol>.

- (CIImage *) newOutputStart

Request a new output pattern.

The pattern to display, as a CIImage.

Reimplemented from <RunOutputManagerProtocol>.

- (void) triggerNewOutputValue

Prepare data for a new delay measurement. Called on the output companion, should create a pattern that is distinghuisable from the previous pattern and display it.

Reimplemented from BaseRunManager.

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