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EventLogger Class Reference

#import <EventLogger.h>

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Public Member Functions

(void) - log:from:timestamp:argument:
(void) - save:
(void) - close
 Stop logging.
(EventLogger *) - init
(uint64_t) - now

Static Public Member Functions

(EventLogger *) + sharedLogger

Protected Attributes

FILE * fp

Detailed Description

Object to created timed log file of low level events.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) log: (NSString *)  event
from: (NSString *)  module
timestamp: (uint64_t)  timestamp
argument: (NSString *)  argument 

Log an event.

eventTextual representation of what happened.
moduleName of the module that generated to log message.
timestampAn optional timestamp (in microseconds) coresponding to this event.
argumentAn optional string that gives more information about the event.
- (void) save: (NSURL *)  file

Start logging.

fileThe URL for the file to which the log should be saved.
+ (EventLogger *) sharedLogger

Return singleton event logger.

The singleton event logger.

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