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MainMenuTableViewController Class Reference

#import <MainMenuTableViewController.h>

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(IBAction) - unwindAndOpenDocument:
 Unwind segue action method.


IBOutlet MeasurementDataStoredataStoreToOpen
 Set by view originating the unwind segue to us.

Detailed Description

Controller for initial view (iOS). Allows user to select type of action (doing new easurement, viewing old measurement, etc) and handles opening of new measurement documents through an unwind segue.

The control structure is a bit convoluted: when the measurement is complete that view controller sets our dataStoreToOpen in its prepareForSegue: for the unwind segue. Then our unwindAndOpenDocument: is called, which does nothing, and finally our viewDidAppear: is called, which then starts the showDocument segue. Then we, in our prepareForSegue: method, communicate dataStoreToOpen to the new new view controller.

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