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MeasurementDistribution Class Reference

#import <MeasurementDistribution.h>

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Public Member Functions

(MeasurementDistribution *) - initWithSource:
(void) - awakeFromNib
(void) - _recompute
 Internal: recompute distribution.
(NSNumber *) - valueForIndex:
 Used by GraphView: get one data point.
(NSString *) - asCSVString
 Get distribution data as CSV string.

Protected Attributes

NSMutableArray * store
 Internal: storage for our distribution bins.
int binCount
 Internal: number of bins in store.


double average
 accessor for average of source
double stddev
 accessor for stddev of source
double max
 current maximum value (value of biggest bin)
double maxXaxis
 maximum of source, and therefore our rightmost data point
double binSize
 Internal: width of each bin.
IBOutlet id
< GraphDataProviderProtocol
 Source of our data points.

Detailed Description

Compute distributions for datapoints.

This object is created with a MeasurementDataSource and will compute the distribution of the input values over 100 bins. It implements the GraphDataProviderProtocol so it can then be used to show a distribution plot of a set of measurement values.

Member Function Documentation

- (MeasurementDistribution *) initWithSource: (MeasurementDataStore *)  source


sourcethe set of datapoints this object should compute the distribution of The current implementation expects the source to be static, i.e. it only recomputes the distribution initially and assumes the data in the source doesn't change.

Property Documentation

- (double) binSize [read, assign]

Internal: width of each bin.

width of each bin

Reimplemented from <GraphDataProviderProtocol>.

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