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Video conferencing delay measurements
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MeasurementType Class Reference

#import <MeasurementType.h>

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Public Member Functions

(MeasurementType *) - initWithType:tag:isCalibration:requires:
 Object initializer.
(void) - addMeasurement:
 Add a measurement run of this type.
(MeasurementDataStore *) - measurementNamed:
 Retrieve a measurement run by name.
(NSArray *) - measurementNames
 Return all names for measurements of this type, used for menu population.

Static Public Member Functions

(void) + initialize
 Class initializer, populates class with implemented measurement types.
(MeasurementType *) + addType:tag:isCalibration:requires:
 Add a new MeasurementType.
(MeasurementType *) + forType:
 Returns MeasurementType with the given name.
(MeasurementType *) + forTag:
 Returns MeasurementType with the given name.

Protected Attributes

NSMutableDictionary * measurements
 All measurements of this type, indexed by name.
 Pointer to generalization of this measurement type (if there is one).


NSUInteger tag
 Tag for this type, used to order measurement types logically in menus.
NSString * name
 Human-readable type.
BOOL isCalibration
 True if this type is a calibration meaurement type.
BOOL inputOnlyCalibration
 True if only the input should match.
BOOL outputOnlyCalibration
 True if only the output should match.
 What this measurement type depends on (usually a calibration) or nil.

Detailed Description

Class to store measurements of a given type.

The class methods maintain all known measurement types, and allow retrieving these by name or tag (for the menus).

Individual objects contain dependencies (such as video measurements depending on video calibration measurements), and for the calibration measurements they also store all instances of masurement runs for that specific type that have been done previously (initialized by the appDelegate).

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