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Video conferencing delay measurements
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NetworkRunManager Class Reference

#import <NetworkRunManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

(void) - received:from:
(void) - disconnected:
(IBAction) - startPreMeasuring:
 Called when user presses "prepare" button.
(IBAction) - stopPreMeasuring:
 Internal: stop pre-measuring because we have heard enough.
(IBAction) - startMeasuring:
 Called when user presses "start" button.
(NSString *) - genPrerunCode
 Returns QR-code containing our IP/port combination.

Static Public Member Functions

(void) + initialize
 Class initializer.

Protected Attributes

uint64_t tsFrameEarliest
 Earliest possible time the most recent frame may have been captured.
uint64_t tsFrameLatest
 Latest possible time the most recent frame may have been captured.
uint64_t tsLastReported
 Local timestamp of last qr-code detection reported to the master.
uint64_t tsLastReportedRemote
 Remote timestamp of last qr-code detection reported to the master.
uint64_t lastMessageSentTime
 Internal: Last time we sent a message to the master.
uint64_t lastDetectionReceivedTime
 Internal: Last time we received a QR-code detection.
NSString * prevInputCode
 Internal: for checking monotonous increase.
NSString * prerunCode
 Internal: data for prerun qrcode.
int prevInputCodeDetectionCount
 Internal: Number of times we re-detected a code.
uint64_t averageFinderDuration
 Running average of how much the patternfinder takes.
BOOL captureDurationWasSet
NSObject< RemoteClockProtocol > * _keepRemoteClock
 Internal: retain self-allocated clock.
 Internal: description of device used at the remote end.
 Internal: description of local device, to be sent to remote.
NSString * statusToPeer
 Internal: status update to be transmitted to peer.
BOOL didReceiveData
 Internal: true once we have received any data.
BOOL sendMeasurementResults
 Internal: send measurement results to remote.


IBOutlet id< ClockProtocolclock
 Assigned in NIB: clock source.
IBOutlet id< RemoteClockProtocolremoteClock
 Can be assigned in NIB: object keeping remote time.
IBOutlet NetworkSelectionViewselectionView
 UI element: all available cameras.
IBOutlet id
< InputVideoFindProtocol
 Assigned in NIB: matches incoming QR codes.
IBOutlet NetworkOutputViewoutputView
 Assigned in NIB: visual feedback view of output for the user.
IBOutlet NetworkSelectionViewselectionViewForStatusOnly
 Assigned in NIB: view that allows viewing network status.

Detailed Description

Subclass of BaseRunManager that handles transmitting and receiving measurement data over the network.

This class is never used as-is, it is always used as only an input component or only an output component.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) disconnected: (id)  connection

Connection was closed.

connectionWhich connection was closed.

Reimplemented from <NetworkProtocolDelegate>.

- (void) received: (NSDictionary *)  data
from: (id)  connection 

Data was received.

dataNSDictionary containing key/value pairse of received message.
connectionThe connection that received the message.

Reimplemented from <NetworkProtocolDelegate>.

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