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Video conferencing delay measurements
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NewMeasurementViewController Class Reference

#import <NewMeasurementView.h>

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Public Member Functions

(IBAction) - doMeasurement:
 Callback from run button.
(void) - _updateMeasurementTypes
 Internal: populate bType.

Protected Attributes

NSArray * runManagerNibObjects
 internal: storage for toplevel object references from loaded nibfiles


IBOutlet NSPopUpButton * bType
 Set by our NIB: reference to the measurement type button.
IBOutlet NSWindow * measurementWindow
 Set by measurement NIB (on file owner): its window.
IBOutlet RunManagerViewrunManagerView
 Set by measurement NIB (on file owner): its view.
IBOutlet NSTabView * tabView

Detailed Description

ViewController for window that allows selecting measurement type and starting it.

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