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<InputCaptureProtocol> Protocol Reference

#import <protocols.h>

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Public Member Functions

(NSArray *) - deviceNames
(BOOL) - switchToDeviceWithName:
(void) - startCapturing:
(void) - pauseCapturing:
(void) - stopCapturing
 Stop forwarding frames to RunManager but continue running.
(void) - stop
 Stop capturing altogether and release resources.
(void) - setMinCaptureInterval:


NSString * deviceID
 Unique string that identifies the input device.
NSString * deviceName
 Human-readable string that identifies the input device.

Detailed Description

Protocol for an object that captures input patterns.

Member Function Documentation

- (NSArray*) deviceNames

List available input devices.

List of human-readable device names (as NSString)

Reimplemented in AudioInput, VideoInput, and VideoInput.

- (void) pauseCapturing: (BOOL)  pause

Pause or resume capturer, and release resources.

pauseTrue for pausing, false for resuming

Reimplemented in AudioInput, and VideoInput.

- (void) setMinCaptureInterval: (uint64_t)  interval

Set the minimum interval between capture callbacks, if supported.

intervalMinimum time in microseconds between callbacks.
- (void) startCapturing: (BOOL)  showPreview

Start capturing, each captured frame will be forwarded to the InputRunManager

showPreviewSet to true if the capturer should show its preview window (if applicable)

Reimplemented in AudioInput, HardwareRunManager, NetworkInput, and VideoInput.

- (BOOL) switchToDeviceWithName: (NSString *)  name

Switch to a different input device.

Nameof the device (as returned by deviceNames)
True if succesful

Reimplemented in AudioInput, and VideoInput.

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