VideoLat runs on Mac, iPhone and iPad. It cannot be run on Linux or Windows or other platforms.

Mac App Store

The easiest way to install videoLat for Mac is to download and install it through the Mac App Store.

iOS App Store

Install videoLat for iPhone and iPad via the iTunes App Store.

Direct Download

Another option for obtaining the Mac version is to download the mac binary installer. Older versions are also available in the downloads directory.


If you want to build videoLat from source you can download the source archive. Older versions are also available in the downloads directory.


An alternative way to obtain the source is to clone the github repository from If you intend to contribute to videoLat development this is the preferred way to get the sources.

As of this writing (June 2016) the process of moving from SVN on sourceforge to Git on Github is still underway. Please contact me in case of trouble.

Development Version Download

There may be development snapshot versions available in the beta downloads directory. Note that to use an iOS development snapshot you need to have contacted us, and we must have added your device UDID to our installer. Also note that development snapshots are likely incompatible with the current production videoLat, and come with even less of a warrantee.