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compat.h File Reference

Defines, typedefs and functions to handle iOS/OSX compatibility. More...

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
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uint64_t monotonicMicroSecondClock (void)
void showErrorAlert (NSError *error)
void showWarningAlert (NSString *warning)
#define NSorUIMakePoint   NSMakePoint
#define NSorUIWidth   NSWidth
#define NSorUIHeight   NSHeight
#define NSorUIRectFill   NSRectFill
#define NSorUIMakeRect   NSMakeRect
#define NSorUIMidX   NSMidX
#define NSorUIMidY   NSMidY
typedef NSApplication NSorUIApplication
typedef NSRect NSorUIRect
typedef NSPopUpButton NSorUIPopUpButton
typedef NSButton NSorUIButton
typedef NSButton NSorUISwitch
typedef NSTextField NSorUITextField
typedef NSTextField NSorUILabel
typedef NSView NSorUIView
typedef NSLevelIndicator NSorUILevelIndicator
typedef NSSlider NSorUISlider
typedef RunManagerView MeasurementMasterType
typedef NSColor NSorUIColor
typedef NSBezierPath NSorUIBezierPath

Detailed Description

Defines, typedefs and functions to handle iOS/OSX compatibility.

Macro Definition Documentation



Defines and typedefs to ease iOS/OSX compatibility. These forestall a large number of ifdefs in the code by resolving to either an AppKit or a UIKit type or function.

Function Documentation

◆ monotonicMicroSecondClock()

uint64_t monotonicMicroSecondClock ( void  )

A monotonic clock.

The current system time in microseconds, since an unknown (but stable) epoch.

◆ showErrorAlert()

void showErrorAlert ( NSError *  error)

Present an error message to the user.

errorThe information to present in the error message.

◆ showWarningAlert()

void showWarningAlert ( NSString *  warning)

Present a warning dialog to the user.

warningThe message to show.