videoLat  2.1
Video conferencing delay measurements
xibfiles Directory Reference


file  AudioCalibrationRun.xib
 NIB file for AudioCalibrationRunManager run.
file  AudioRun.xib
 NIB file for AudioRunManager run.
file  CalibrateCameraFromHardware.xib
 NIB file for hardware-to-camera light measurement to calibrate camera.
file  CalibrateCameraFromRemoteScreen.xib
 NIB file for sending (server) side of asymetric measurements to do a camera calibration.
file  CalibrateCameraFromScreenRun.xib
 NIB file to calibrate your camera if your screen is already calibrated.
file  CalibrateScreenFromHardware.xib
 NIB file for screen-to-hardware light measurement to calibrate screen.
file  CalibrateScreenFromRemoteCamera.xib
 NIB file for calibrating a screen using a remote helper camera.
file  HardwareRun.xib
 NIB file for HardwareRunManager run.
file  NewMeasurementView.xib
 NIB file that creates the window to select a new measurement type or download calibrations (OSX only).
file  RemoteHelperCamera.xib
 NIB file for camera-only helper that transmits reception times back to master over the net.
file  RemoteHelperScreen.xib
 NIB file for a network helper that displays QR-codes and sends the time back to the master.
file  VideoCalibrationRun.xib
 NIB file for VideoCalibrationRunManager run.
file  VideoMonoRun.xib
 NIB file for VideoMonoRunManager run.
file  VideoReceiverRun.xib
 NIB file for running a measurement with the camera locally and a remote helper screen.
file  VideoRun.xib
 NIB file for VideoRunManager run.
file  VideoSenderRun.xib
 NIB file for running a measurement with the screen locally and a remote helper camera.