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AudioProcess Class Reference

#import <AudioProcess.h>

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Instance Methods

(AudioProcess *) - clone
(NSArray *) - processOriginal:
(BOOL) - feedData:size:channels:bitsPerChannel:at:duration:
(uint64_t) - lastMatchTimestamp
(void) - _reset
 Internal: reset internal variables to prepare for new match.

Protected Attributes

BOOL wasNoisy
 true if the previous buffer ended noisily
double prevEnergy
 amount of energy in previous buffer
uint64_t matchTimestamp
 timestamp of most recent match


NSArray * originalSignature

Detailed Description

Object that does pattern-matching on audio data to compare it to a known audio sample.

The current implementation is very simple-minded: it looks for a bit of noise in an otherwise quiet sample.

Method Documentation

◆ feedData:size:channels:bitsPerChannel:at:duration:()

- (BOOL) feedData: (void *)  buffer
size: (size_t)  size
channels: (int)  channels
bitsPerChannel: (int)  nBits
at: (uint64_t)  now
duration: (uint64_t)  duration 

Feed audio data into the matcher.

buffermemory buffer containing audio data (16 bit signed linear PCM)
sizesize of buffer, in bytes
channelsnumber of channels (can be 1 or 2)
nowtimestamp corresponding to first sample in buffer
true if a copy of sample fed into processOriginal has been found (either now or earlier). Once this method returns true you can use lastMatchTimestamp to obtain the timestamp of the match.

◆ lastMatchTimestamp()

- (uint64_t) lastMatchTimestamp

Timestamp (in feedData terms) of match that corresponds to the beginning of the sample fed to processOriginal.

◆ processOriginal:()

- (NSArray *) processOriginal: (NSURL *)  fileURL

Primes the audio processor to detect copies of this sample.

fileURLFile containing original audio sample
the signature of the audio file.

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