videoLat  2.1
Video conferencing delay measurements
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Document Class Reference

#import <Document.h>

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Instance Methods

(IBAction) - newDocumentComplete:
 Callback used by NewMeasurement to signal it has finished.
(IBAction) - export:
 Ask user for three filenames and export CSV files for data, distribution and metadata.
(BOOL) - _exportCSV:forType:title:
 Internal helper for export: ask for filename and export one CSV file.
(NSString *) - asCSVString
 Helper for _exportCSV: return metadata as CSV string.
(void) - changed
 Increment document change count because user made a change, also clears dontUpload flag.
(void) - _changed
 Internal: increment document change count.
(void) - calibrationIsFresh:
 UploadQueryDelegate method called when the server answers whether or not to upload this document.
(void) - _doShouldUpload
 Help for shouldUpload, runs in main thread.
- Instance Methods inherited from <UploadDelegate>
(void) - didUpload:
 Signals whether the upload was successful.

Protected Attributes

 Internal: type of dataStore measurement.
BOOL dontUpload
 Internal: don't attempt uploading this document.


IBOutlet MeasurementDataStoredataStore
 data for this document
IBOutlet MeasurementDistributiondataDistribution
 distribution of dataStore

Detailed Description

Subclass of NSDocument or UIDocument for a videoLat measurement run. Contains references to the measurements and the distribution.

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