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Video conferencing delay measurements
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DocumentView Class Reference

#import <DocumentView.h>

Collaboration diagram for DocumentView:
Collaboration graph

Instance Methods

(void) - _updateView
 Updates variables in status view so they reflect the document values.

Protected Attributes

 __pad0__: NSView{ BOOL initialValues
 Internal: helper variable to initialize subview values at the right time.
__weak Document_modelObject
 Our document.


IBOutlet DocumentDescriptionViewstatus
 Set by NIB: view containing our metadata.
IBOutlet GraphViewvalues
 Set by NIB: view showing the raw measurement values.
IBOutlet GraphViewdistribution
 Set by NIB: view showing the measurement distribution.
IBOutlet DocumentmodelObject
 Set by NIB: pointer to our Document.

Detailed Description

Subclass of NSView, main view of the document. Contains the two graph views for distribution and samples and the description view.

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