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DocumentViewController Class Reference

#import <DocumentViewController.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - viewDidAppear:
(IBAction) - documentCancel:
(IBAction) - documentDelete:
(IBAction) - documentUpload:
(IBAction) - documentPrint:
(IBAction) - documentEmail:
(IBAction) - documentEmailAsPDF:
(IBAction) - documentEmailAsCSV:
(void) - _doDelete:
(void) - _doUpload:
(void) - _doPrint:
(void) - _doEmail:
(void) - _doEmailAsPDF:
(void) - _doEmailAsCSV:

Protected Attributes

SEL nextAction


IBOutlet DocumentViewview
IBOutlet id auxObject
 data for this document

Detailed Description

View controller that displays a document.

The action button on this view will bring up a popup that allos the user to print/upload/delete/email the document.

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