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InputSelectionView Class Reference

#import <InputSelectionView.h>

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Protected Attributes

NSArray * _baseNames


IBOutlet UIPickerView * bBase
 UI element: available calibration runs.
IBOutlet UILabel * bBaseLabel
 UI element: label for the calibration picker.
IBOutlet UILabel * bInputDeviceName
 UI element: name of selected input device.
- Properties inherited from <InputSelectionView>
IBOutlet NSObject< InputSelectionDelegate > *_Nullable inputSelectionDelegate
 Object to which this view should send changes in input device, base measurement and completion.
NSString *_Nullable baseName
 Returns name of currently selected base measurement.
NSString *_Nullable deviceName
 Returns name of currently selected input device.
IBOutlet NSPopUpButton *_Nullable bBase
 UI element: popup showing possible base measurements.
IBOutlet NSPopUpButton *_Nullable bInputDevices
 UI element: all available hardware.

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from <InputSelectionView>
(IBAction) - inputDeviceSelectionChanged:
 Called when the user makes a new selection in bInputDevices or bBase.
(BOOL) - setBases:
(void) - disableBases
 Disable (and possibly hide) the base measurement selector.

Detailed Description

View that allows user to select input device and optionally base measurement.

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