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NetworkIODevice Class Reference

#import <NetworkIODevice.h>

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Instance Methods

(uint64_t) - now
(void) - startCapturing:
(void) - stopCapturing
(void) - stop
(NSString *) - genPrepareCode
 Returns QR-code containing our IP/port combination.
(void) - openServer:
(void) - openClient:url:
(void) - reportResult:
(void) - reportReception:count:at:
(void) - reportTransmission:at:
(void) - reportHeartbeat
(void) - reportMaster:
(void) - reportStatus:
(void) - reportInputDevice:
(void) - reportOutputDevice:
- Instance Methods inherited from <NetworkProtocolDelegate>
(void) - received:from:
(void) - connected:
(void) - disconnected:

Protected Attributes

BOOL isServer
 True if we are running in the network server (net input, screen output)
BOOL isHelper
 True if we are running on the helper side (initially the server)
BOOL connected
 True if we are connected.
NSString * prepareCode
 Internal: data for prerun qrcode.
NSString * statusToPeer
 Internal: status update to be transmitted to peer.
BOOL didReceiveData
 Internal: true once we have received any data.
 Internal: description of local input device, to be sent to remote.
 Internal: description of local output device, to be sent to remote.
NSString * requestTransmissionCode
 Internal: this side wants the other side to do a new transmission.
NSString * lastRequestTransmissionCode
 Internal: last transmission requested.
 Internal: retain self-allocated clock.
uint64_t lastMessageSentTime
 Internal: Last time we sent a message to the master.


IBOutlet BaseRunManagermanager
 Our input manager.
IBOutlet NSObject< ClockProtocol > * clock
 Our clock, if not ourselves.
IBOutlet NSObject< NetworkStatusProtocol > * networkStatusView
 Assigned in NIB: view that allows viewing network status.

Detailed Description

Class that implements InputDeviceProtocol (and ClockProtocol) for data that is actually captured remotely, and for which the data is sent to us over the network.

Method Documentation

◆ now()

- (uint64_t) now

Get current time from this clock.

Timevalue in microseconds

Reimplemented from <ClockProtocol>.

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