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PythonLoader Class Reference

#import <PythonLoader.h>

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Instance Methods

(PythonLoader *) - init
 Internal: initialize the loader object.
(BOOL) - loadURL:
(BOOL) - loadModule:fromDirectory:
(BOOL) - loadScriptNamed:
(BOOL) - loadPackageNamed:

Class Methods

(PythonLoader *) + sharedPythonLoader
 Singleton pattern.

Detailed Description

Load Python code. Because the Python code runs in the same binary as videoLat it has access to all the objects in the program, through the pyobjc pytho<->ObjC bridge. For an example, see

See also
ArduinoInOut which implements the
HardwareLightProtocol and can then be instantiate in the NIB file and connected to the right objects.

Method Documentation

◆ loadModule:fromDirectory:()

- (BOOL) loadModule: (NSString *)  module
fromDirectory: (NSURL *)  directory 

Load a module from a given directory.

modulethe name of the module to load
directorywhere to load it from
true if successful

◆ loadPackageNamed:()

- (BOOL) loadPackageNamed: (NSString *)  name

Load a Python package from a named resource.

namethe name of the package
true if successful

◆ loadScriptNamed:()

- (BOOL) loadScriptNamed: (NSString *)  name

Load a Python script from a named resource.

namethe name of the script
true if successful

◆ loadURL:()

- (BOOL) loadURL: (NSURL *)  script

Load a Python script.

scriptthe URL of the script to load (must be a local file)
true if successful

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