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Video conferencing delay measurements
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VideoInput Class Reference

#import <VideoInput.h>

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Instance Methods

(uint64_t) - now
(bool) - available
(NSArray *) - deviceNames
(BOOL) - switchToDeviceWithName:
(void) - startCapturing:
(void) - pauseCapturing:
(void) - stopCapturing
(void) - stop
(AVCaptureDevice *) - _deviceWithName:
(void) - _switchToDevice:
(void) - focusRectSelected:
(void) - captureOutput:didOutputSampleBuffer:fromConnection:
 Delegate methods for QTCaptureVideoPreviewOutput.
(void) - captureOutput:didDropSampleBuffer:fromConnection:
 Delegate methods for QTCaptureVideoPreviewOutput.

Class Methods

(NSArray *) + allDeviceTypeIDs
 Returns a list of all known video devices.
(NSArray *) + deviceNames

Protected Attributes

CALayer * selfLayer
 Our self-view in the UI.
CALayer * overlayLayer
 Overlay layer for rectangles and such.
AVCaptureVideoDataOutput * outputCapturer
 Object that forwards frames to use.
AVCaptureSession * session
 Currently running capture session.
dispatch_queue_t sampleBufferQueue
 Used by outputCapturer to communicate with us.
float xFactor
float yFactor
uint64_t epoch
 Time zero of clock.
BOOL capturing
uint64_t firstTimeStamp
 First frame timestamp.
uint64_t lastTimeStamp
 Latest frame timestamp.
int nFrames
 Number of frames received.
int nFramesDropped


IBOutlet id< RunManagerProtocol > manager
IBOutlet VideoInputViewselfView
 View showing what our camera sees.
NSArray * overlayRects

Detailed Description

Class that implements InputDeviceProtocol (and ClockProtocol) for video input, using AVCapture to capture a video stream from a camera.

Method Documentation

◆ now()

- (uint64_t) now

Get current time from this clock.

Timevalue in microseconds

Reimplemented from <ClockProtocol>.

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